Dematagoda Postal Code: Information and Resources

Postal/Zip Code00900
Post Office NameDematagoda
Country NameSri Lanka

If you’re puzzled about how to send mail to Sri Lanka, you’ve come to the proper site. The Sri Lanka Postal Code is a necessary piece of information for properly addressing an envelope or parcel. This article goes into the complexities of Sri Lanka Postal Codes, covering everything from its definition and operation to locating the suitable code for your recipient. So, whether you’re sending anything to Sri Lanka, from a letter to a package, keep reading to guarantee your mail arrives safely.

The Postal Code of Sri Lanka

You may be wondering what the Sri Lanka Postal Code is. It is a puzzling sequence of digits that is used to designate a certain place inside Sri Lanka. The code is an essential tool for postal employees in sorting and delivering mail to its proper destination. Sri Lanka Postal Codes are made up of five digits. The first two numbers denote the province, while the following three denote the particular region inside that province.

The Postal Code Mysteries of Sri Lanka

How do Postal Codes in Sri Lanka work? These codes function by establishing a uniform approach for identifying certain parts of the nation. Your letter must be addressed with the recipient’s name, street address, city or town of residence, and postal code. This information is used by postal employees to sort and deliver mail to the right location.

If you were sending a box to someone in Colombo, for example, you would enter their street address, followed by the city (Colombo), then their postal code. Colombo’s postal code is 00100, and your address can look like this:


Cracking the Code – Locating the Postal Code for Sri Lanka

Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact Sri Lanka Postal Code for your addressee. Here are various methods for locating the code:

  1. Check Online: You may seek the Sri Lanka Postal Code for a given place using a search engine. Enter “Sri Lanka Postal Code” and the name of the city or town to which you’re sending mail.
  2. If you contact the individual to whom you are sending a letter, they may be able to give you their postal code.
  3. If everything else fails, you may call the Sri Lanka post office for help in determining the exact postal code.

The Mysterious Sri Lanka Postal Codes

Although there are hundreds of Sri Lanka Postal Codes, a handful are very frequent owing to the high population density in specific locations. The following are some of the most frequently used Sri Lanka Postal Codes:

  • Colombo: 00100
  • Kandy: 20000
  • Galle: 80000
  • Jaffna: 40000
  • Kurunegala: 60000

Cracking the Code – Tips for Using Sri Lanka Postal Codes

Using the right Sri Lanka Postal Codes will guarantee that your letter reaches at its destination on time. Here are some pointers to remember while sending mail to Sri Lanka:

  1. Verify and double-check the Postal Code: Verify and double-check the postal code for your receiver before sending your letter.
  2. Use All Capital Letters: When putting the address on your envelope or package, use all capital letters to make it simpler to see and grasp.
  3. Always Include Your Return Address: Always include your return address on your envelope or shipment in case of any problems.
The Epilogue – Conclusion

In conclusion, understanding the Sri Lanka Postal Code is crucial when it comes to sending mail to Sri Lanka. The code identifies a specific area within Sri Lanka and serves as a tool for postal workers to sort and deliver mail to its appropriate destination